Becoming My Best Self: My "Do Better" Plan for 2018 & Beyond

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

We’re in week two of 2018 and so far, I can’t complain. Last week I started a new marketing role at an amazing company, and for the first time in a while, I genuinely enjoy where I work. As I mentioned in a previous post, I quit my last job a few months ago because, to make a long story short, I was miserable there.

Then, after I quit, I was struggling with this gnawing internal battle of whether or not I should grind it out and pursue my entrepreneurial goals full-time, or return to the nine-to-five life for a while before taking that leap. Obviously I wound up choosing the latter, but I’ll save that little bedtime story for another day lol.

With everything I’ve experienced over the past year, I learned a few key critical lessons about myself:

  1. I have an amazingly hard time letting things go.

  2. I put way too much pressure on myself.

  3. I really need to adopt some healthier habits for managing my emotions, time and energy.

So now I’ve just been focusing on tackling the areas of my life that could use some improving (and by “some” I actually mean a lot lol). Which brings me to a little something I like to call my Do Better Plan for 2018 (and beyond). And basically it’s my personal plan of best (self) practices I put together to help me essentially grow into my — you guessed it! — best self.

Throughout the year I’ll be focusing on different areas of my life that need to be strengthened. And since it takes approximately 30 days to create a habit, every month I’ll be doing a challenge to help me improve in a new area. For example, my focus for January is self-confidence. One thing I’ve been struggling with lately is succumbing to self-doubt and sabotage, as well as comparing myself to others on social media. So my 30-day challenge for January is to stay off Instagram and focus on setting my goals for the year. I’ll be sharing my progress in a future post, but in the meantime, here’s a list of my focuses and challenges for the rest of the year:

February: Self-love – 28 days of journaling

March: Self-care – 31 days of no meat/dairy/dating (pray for me)

April: Self-discovery – 30 days of photography (I have a camera and I need lots of practice lol)

May: Self-determination – 31 days of mental health & physical fitness

June: Self-discipline – 30 days of no alcohol (pray for me)

July: Self-awareness – 31 days of reading / no TV

August: Self-accountability – 31 days of writing

September: Self worth – 30 days of affirmation

October: Self-respect – 31 days of boundaries

November: Self-assessment – 30 days of no texting

December: Self actualization – 31 days of reflection

And y’all are more than welcome to participate. I’m all about universal growth and empowerment, so I can never have too many accountability partners lol. I’ll be posting weekly updates as I embark on this journey, so make sure you subscribe to my mailing list if you’re interested in joining me. 📷

If you’re down for becoming your best self, let’s do it together! What new habits and best-self practices do you plan on implementing into your life this year?

Drop a comment below and let me know!

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