Blog or Vlog? The Best Form of Content Marketing

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

In the age of digital media and social influencers (I really hate that word by the way lol), many folks are wondering whether to start a blog, vlog, podcast or all of the above.

I started my first blog, "Love & Wardrobe," in 2010 (before blogging was really a thing). Then the next one, "The K. Andy Show," in 2012. Both were fails for one simple reason: I wasn't consistent. Then, in 2014, I started "Single Black Female" (which I changed to "According to Kori" in 2015), where I began sharing valuable life lessons I've learned as a black millennial woman trying to grow and navigate life. Five years later, I've garnered a strong, organic following and am growing my blog into a business!

My bestie/baby sis, Erin, just launched her YouTube channel earlier this year and is CRUSHING IT already. She shares valuable tips and insight on branding and girl-bossing as a full-time entrepreneur.

Since we're always picking one another's brains and bouncing creative ideas off of each other, we figured why not make a video about starting a blog vs. a vlog?

So gon' head and check that out, and follow/like/subscribe to my sissy's channels below!

YouTube: Erin On Demand

Facebook: Erin On Demand

IG & Twitter: @erinondemand

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