Getting Up to PAR: Learning How to Hold Myself Accountable

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Keeping it totally real with y'all, I've noticed that at times I can become intimidated by my goals. I've accomplished a lot in my 28 years, and I've also sat on some dope ass ideas because I have a tendency to get in my head and psyche myself out sometimes.

Self-doubt is a real thing, no matter who you are. It's that annoying little tick inside of your head that will eat away at your confidence if you let it. You begin to question that dope idea -- Is it attainable? Will I fail? What if it doesn't work out the way I envisioned? -- causing you to second-guess yourself and become stagnant. Ultimately, you're allowing your "sight" (what you see in your reality) to cloud your "vision" (what you see yourself manifesting).

But y'all know what? Eff all that. Whatever I set my mind to do, I'm holding myself fully accountable to get that s*** done. So I've developed a daily action plan to help me -- and you -- stay on top of our game. I call it my Up to PAR (Preparation/Purpose, Action and Results/Reflection) Plan:

Sunday: Preparation

  • Write out your goals/tasks for the week.

  • Take 10-15 minutes to meditate on the things you plan to accomplish.

Monday-Friday: Action

  • Wake up an hour or two earlier than your normal time (so that's 5 a.m. for me) to get a good morning routine going (check out my sister Erin's amaaaazing morning routine video for inspo).

  • Focus on one major goal to accomplish for the day and break it out into subtasks.

  • Dedicate a certain amount of time to each of your tasks for that specific goal (the Focus app is a Godsend. Download it.).

Saturday: Reflection

  • Do a self-care activity to wind down from the week (i.e. indulge in a good book or movie, get a mani/pedi or facial, etc.).

  • Take 30 minutes to review what you've accomplished during the week and assess areas you can improve in for the following week.

You can make tweaks where you feel necessary, but you get the gist.

And now, for the fun part!

To hold myself accountable to my Up to PAR Plan, I'll be posting updates in my IG stories (so feel free to follow!). Also considering starting an accountability group to help us stay on top of our game (it takes a village), so if y'all are interested in joining, sign up here.

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