News Flash: You Don't Have to Be an Entrepreneur to Be a Boss

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Shaming folks who work a 9-5 or corporate job has apparently become a thing now.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read some "motivational" IG post or attended an entrepreneurial panel discussion that basically told me I was selling myself short because I was working on someone else's payroll. This theory is not only false, it's offensive, dumb and lame as hell.

Don't get me wrong, I have mad respect for entrepreneurs. Being able to run a business full-time takes hella guts and commitment. What I don't respect is this pretentious notion that entrepreneurship is the key to success and being employed is a symbol of mediocrity. I actually almost believed this at one point (thanks to social media), but thank God for growth and perspective.

Currently I work a full-time job developing marketing content for a major finance company in the Detroit area. I enjoy what I do and make good money doing it. But aside from a good salary and benefits, there are plenty of resources and opportunities available within the company that can help me enhance my skills and become an expert in my craft. I have unlimited access to professional development courses, literature and workshops. I am able to take on various projects and responsibilities outside of my daily tasks, which has significantly honed my ability to work, manage and adapt under pressure. Every single lesson I've learned (and am still learning) in the workplace is being applied to my personal goals. And let's just be real — the level of skill and expertise I've gained from my years of professional experience has been a key contributor to my credibility as not only a writer, but a business woman.

Being a true "boss" isn't a matter of working for yourself, but a matter of work ethic. It's utilizing every opportunity to level up not only in your career, but in life. It's knowing when to step up and take the lead, and when to fall back and listen for instruction. It's being wise enough to turn your losses into lessons, and being selfless enough to share that wisdom with others. It's being confident in yourself and your ability to reach your full potential.

Perhaps you currently work a 9-5 job and are planning to start your own business one day. Or maybe you're perfectly fine where you are and plan on retiring from the company you work for. This book I'm reading called Everyday Millionaires specifically highlights people who have amassed a ton of wealth while working their 9-5 jobs.

So whatever you're doing in life, just know that you're equally as capable of achieving "boss" status as the entrepreneurs you see on your Instagram feed. Because the true key to being a boss is making the most of where you are now to progress to the next level.

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