How to Create a Poppin' Content Calendar for 2020 in 3 Simple Steps

It’s really December, y’all. That’s wild.

I always get anxious around this time of year because it forces me to think about things that add unnecessary pressure to my life.

Like goals I set for the current year that I still haven’t accomplished yet.

Or new goals I’d like to accomplish next year (ON TOP of my goals from this year).

Or tax season.

It’s quite mind-boggling, to say the least. Especially when you’re a content creator who has to, you know, create content. Which requires time. And discipline. And hella brainpower. But this is why having a content calendar is so, so, crucial.

Full transparency moment: I’m a recovering procrastinator.

My natural instinct is to wait until THEE LAST humanly possible second to do something that could’ve — and should’ve — been done eons ago. So, to hold myself accountable and stay on track, I sat down and created my entire content calendar for 2020. *pats self on back*

And if you’re a procrastinator — excuse me — a recovering procrastinator who creates content on the regular like me, you most definitely need one, too. So, to help you get started on yours, here’s how I created mine:

1. Brainstorm and categorize content.

First, I brainstormed and wrote out a list of relevant topics. I then divided them into the main categories of my blog: Writing Tips, Personal Development and Adulting. This helps create a framework for developing your content.

2. Organize content in a spreadsheet.

After writing and categorizing my list of topics, I plotted everything into a comprehensive spreadsheet I created in Excel to give me a complete snapshot of my content for the year. My spreadsheet is organized by month, theme, blog category and topic, publish date, SEO keywords and social media posts.

3. Use a project management tool to track progress.

I use a tool called Asana, which is a literal godsend for managing projects. Once I have all my content mapped out in Excel, I create tasks and set deadlines to help me stay on track with developing my content and meeting my deadlines. Similar project management tools include and Trello.

There are also more comprehensive tools like CoSchedule and HubSpot that allow you to create an editorial calendar, checklists and schedule out your content all from one platform. Of course there's a cost involved, so it all depends on what works best for your budget and brand goals. I'm currently looking into purchasing a subscription for one of these platforms but until then, I'm rocking with my lil' free-99 content plan.

Need help creating a content calendar for 2020? Book a consultation with me so we can get your content together.

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