You Cute, But Your Writing Sucks: How to Write as Good as You Look

Someone comes across a dope picture of you on Instagram. Intrigued, they double-tap your photo and head to your IG profile to browse your page. Your photos look solid, but your captions don't say anything about who you are or what you do. The person clicks on the link in your bio to see what your website is all about. Like your IG page, the visuals are cool but your written content isn't as compelling. You have hella typos, your latest blog post was published several months ago, and your brand messaging isn't clear. The person leaves your site feeling confused and slightly disappointed that, aside from your IG pics, your content really isn't all that great. They were unable to connect with you or your brand because there was nothing substantial they could grasp from your messaging. In other words, your writing isn't reflective of your aesthetic. And when you're creating content, the two should ALWAYS go hand in hand.

The same amount of energy we put into how we look should be placed into what and how we write. While visuals draw people in, it's our content — and the quality of our content — that keeps them engaged and drives them to action. Whether it's a book, company website, résumé, cover letter or even an email, how we articulate through our messaging is equally as crucial as how we present ourselves aesthetically.

Ever read an article or book with hella typos in it? If so, chances are you were probably side-eyeing the source. Even if you aren't the greatest writer yourself, that doesn't stop you from judging an individual or brand based on their quality of writing. Just goes to show how much of an impact our messaging has on our audience.

So what exactly qualifies as "good" or quality writing?

Writing that:

  1. Has a clear, defined message that is easy to read and comprehend.

  2. Informs, engages and connects with your audience.

  3. Inspires action from readers (e.g. buying a product or service).

And how exactly do you become a good writer?

  1. Read more. Reading is an easy, effective way to get acquainted with the voice, tone and style of good writers. Atomic Habits by James Clear is an excellent book that not only teaches valuable principles for developing better habits (like reading *hint*), but is a great example of what quality writing looks like: easy to read, informative and inspiring.

  2. Be concise. Unless you're writing a novel, no one wants to sit and read something that's long-winded and wordy. To effectively get your message across, you need to be concise and get to the point. You can do this by using shorter words, sentences and paragraphs and cutting the "fluff" (unnecessary words) from your writing.

  3. "Dumb" it down. Using a bunch of big, obnoxious words like "demassification" or "attitudinally", can be confusing or distracting for readers. To ensure your audience can understand your message, try using words that are easy to digest.

  4. Proofread your work. Ever heard the phrase "think before you speak"? Well the same rule applies to writing. To ensure you're communicating accurately and effectively, it's important to check, double-check and triple-check for any typos or grammatical errors before publishing.

What are some challenges you currently face with your writing?

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