New Site, Who 'Dis?

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Hello, hi, welcome.

For those of y'all who have been kicking it with me and my blog for a while now, you probably noticed that I've been relatively quiet on here for a good lil minute now. Welp, this is why!

Over the past couple of years, I struggled with blogging and writing in general, due to anxiety and stress. Last September, I quit my job because it was one of the main causes of my stress and anxiety. My creative energy was on "E" and I was unsure of my next move. But, as always, God remained faithful.

I started my new job (which I love) at the beginning of the year and began going to therapy. My primary focus was improving myself and my overall quality of life. I posed challenges to myself every month to reflect on areas of my life that needed healing and strengthening. Gradually, I began to find peace and inspiration within myself again. I started back blogging. Even paid someone $400 to redesign the whole site (before this one). But it wasn't the same. All of it felt forced. Rushed.

During a conversation with my grandmother (Gram), I told her about how stagnant I was feeling with my blog. She told me that maybe it wasn't my season for blogging. Maybe it was my season for listening and waiting on God's direction (grandmas be knowing). So I did that. I took a step back from my blog and focused on other passion projects. Then one night, as I was up on my computer, God gave me a vision clear as day: to create a totally new site that would embody both my blog and entrepreneurial goals.

And now, here we are. So with that said, welcome (again) to the new A2K, where I will continue "writing my wrongs" and will now be "editing yours" through my editing and custom content services. I'm so hyped to be relaunching this site as not just my blog, but my BUSINESS!

THIS is what God had me waiting for, and it's just the beginning.



P.S. Take a look around and let me know what you think! :)

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