To the Women Who Promote Women's Empowerment But Don't Practice It

I've got a bone to pick with some of my fellow sisthren out here.

Those of us who are quick to host and/or attend a women's empowerment brunch/panel/conference (for $45.00+), and just as quick to give the stank eye to a woman we don't like, never met, or all of the above. The ones who are quick to put up a status about the importance of supporting and uplifting our sisters, and are just as quick to act fugazy when a sister reaches out to connect with them. The ones who love promoting community and sisterhood, but also love cliques and shade-throwing. We gotta stop this, y'all.

I'm a thousand percent here for women uplifting other women -- I stan for it, actually. What I'm NOT here for is this over-saturated market of female "influencers" who feed off of other women's need for inspiration, encouragement and support for clout and recognition. I can't tell y'all how many girl-power pow wows and workshops I've attended that left me feeling more dissatisfied than before I came. It's always the same stuff warmed over: speaker or panel spends an hour or so talking about who they are (themselves), what they do for a living (their brand/business), and how they found success doing what they do (their accomplishments). That's amazing, sis, but what tangible knowledge do you have to share outside of your success story? HOW did you start that business? Or write that book? Or launch that website? Or put together that marketing strategy? Or decide when you were ready to leave your 9-to-5 to become a full-time entrepreneur? Or cope with stress? Or stay motivated? Or hell, find time to read a good book and take a bubble bath? What information and/or opportunities can you provide to help me get to the next level so I can reach back and help the next person out?

THAT'S empowerment. It's more than posting inspirational quotes on IG or hosting the occasional girl gathering at some posh venue. Our capacity to "influence" should extend beyond our social media reach, following and engagement.

Empowerment should be as natural and as sincere as complimenting another woman in the bathroom. Or actually linking up for coffee with the girl you exchanged contact info with at that networking event. Or taking the new hire in your department under your wing to show her the ropes. Or sharing knowledge with the girl who slid in your DMs for some professional, or maybe even personal, advice. Or celebrating and supporting the next chick who's out here winning and shining, because God created enough sunlight and vitamin D for all of us to flourish.

It's keeping that same energy from all the rah-rah sister circles and seminars, and using it in everyday life to empower everyday people.

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