1:1 WORDrobe Sessions


    The key to becoming a good writer is  mastering the basics. In my Writing Fundamentals sessions, we'll work on developing and honing your writing skills by focusing on the following areas:

    - Grammar

    - Punctuation

    - Sentence Structure

    - Writing Prompts



    Starting a blog can be a bit daunting if you don't know where to start. During my Blog Coaching sessions, we'll cover all of the bases for starting and launching your blog, including:


    - Topic Brainstorming

    - Blog "Voice" Development

    - Blog Post Writing

    - Content Calendar Creation


    Crafting a strong essay takes time, patience and skill. Whether you're writing an essay for class or a college application, I'm here to help you articulate your thoughts clearly and confidently on paper. We'll cover:

    - Essay Structure

    - Thesis Statement Writing

    - Essay Outlining & Drafting

    - Editing & Proofreading


    The writing section of the SAT and ACT is crucial to your overall score. In my SAT/ACT Writing Prep sessions, I cover everything students need to prepare for the writing portion of both  tests, including:

    - Writing Fundamentals

    - Test-Taking Techniques

    - Essay Questions

    - Practice Tests

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